Every year I hope I’m financially well off enough to plan for San Diego Comic Con and/or Dragon*Con. Every year: nope.

But I’ve got tumblr, and despite the issues with it for me as a marketing tool, it’s still the fandom platform of choice. And WOW! Did you see what happened with LOKI??!??!?!

You may not be an Avengers fan, which is okay (heathen!), but it’s like this: history was made yesterday when good sport and crazy dude Tom Hiddleston appeared in Hall H for the Thor 2 panel in character as Loki.

I love moments like this, when fandom stops, blinks, and then takes off at a bazillion miles an hour. Right before this story broke, the new logo for Avengers 2 LOKIwas revealed (“Avengers: Age of Ultron” which I have SO MANY FEELS ABOUT just bury me now) so I was a little high on that, excited and sharing the news and wailing loudly about how Whedon is determined to rip our hearts out…

…and then Loki showed up.

Suddenly, all the air in fandom was sucked out and then imploded. People stayed up all night reblogging, live-tweeting, crying, creating memes, and making gifs. Despite the fact that I am not, particularly, a Loki fangirl, I was caught up in the buzz. It was exciting in a way most “real” news stories aren’t: positive and uplifting and humorous and completely unexpected.

Let’s be honest: usually when news breaks, it’s terrible news. Yes, I remember where I was for 9/11 and so many other tragedies/natural disasters. I remember how it felt to watch New Orleans drown in real time. But for a change, I get to say “I remember when!” for something totally wonderful. Years from now, I’ll be able to laugh about my friends who got zero sleep and how tumblr turned into Loki’s Army. No, I wasn’t actually at SDCC (woe!) but I still have the memory of being a part of this event.

That’s the magic of fandom, and why I will always be a fangirl.


(the meme pic above I found floating around facebook. If you know who made it, please tell me so I can properly attribute it! Thanks!)


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