If you follow me on twitter than you already know this, but I’m very pleased by the news because “Accismus” is something I wrote early this summer and sent off with a prayer for the “Higher Learning” anthology call at Dreamspinner Press. It has been accepted for the anthology!

I love this little story mostly for it’s hero, Charlie Harper, an androgynous-hipster college boy with a lot of attitude who has a crush on one of the university’s star “jock with brains.” It’s a cute story featuring coffee, aggrieved teaching assistants, and rhet-comp in-jokes! I fell in love with the characters so I’m thrilled lots of people are going to get a chance to meet Charlie and his hopeless love-from-afar, Lance Milton.

Yeah, my literary references aren’t too cleverly hidden, are they? HA!

*excited* More news like release date and cover art to follow!


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