(I guess this is ear-worm week? Sorry…)

Recent headlines:
Steamy romance ebooks save a home!
Sylvia Day sells 550,000 copies in a week! (she was formerly indie before signing with a legacy publisher)

I admit it: I’m jealous.

Honestly I’m not expecting that kind of success; I’m not saying no, of course, but I’m not going to bank on winning the lottery. I expect slow and steady to win the race for me.

But I’m only human, and times are hard financially (hellooooooo there student loans! How did you get here?). I’d love a quick-fix in the form of a mega-successful book or two. I’m so very tired of living on poverty’s jagged edge. It’s stressful, and not very personally fulfilling.

Writing, though, is personally fulfilling. So I’m writing, and I’m hoping that I can make enough to pay my cost-of-living overhead. More than that would be great too.

I’ve got two completed M/M stories in the pike, as you know; and three M/F/M series being written. I’m honestly not sure about the market for M/F/M and I’ve considered veering off into writing mainstream het. But if this is about the life I want to live, then I need to publish what I want to write. Right?

So steady on. I’m writing, I’m editing, I’m planning for the future. I gotta wear shades.

(…so really, not sorry at all!)


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