What month. My goal was a modest 2k words a day, which I never hit even once. My average, in fact, stands at 721 words per day. The 10th through the 19th, I never wrote a single word.

The fact is I am absorbed by summer classes in grad school, and right in the middle of a the month I quite a very emotionally stressful part time job to start a very brain-challenging full time job. Classes are on-going. That 10th-19th period was marked by a lot of psychological strain. Not to mention father’s day, which was the 19th, and is a huge emotionally trying time for me as a mourner. I’m also shoving in two separate volunteer gigs at two separate libraries, which is only for six hours total on the clock per week but does involve a considerable amount of travel time as I’m stuck to the public transportation system.

So yeah, my goal of 60k words in June fell alarming flat, and I think July isn’t going to be any better. 🙁

Still, I managed to bang out 21k, including adding 5,600 words to my weredog novel, a 10k short story for the Goodreads M/M Group Hot Summer Days ficathon, and adding bits and pieces to miscellaneous other projects. Go me?

Wish me luck for July, I’m going to need it. I’m scaling back my expectations to 1,000 words a day. Here’s to hoping…


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