I am…sort of awake.

I want to talk to you about stories I’m working on — a couple I’ve mentioned in the past, some I’ve hinted at, and a few I’m considering for the future.

I’d really love to talk about Captain Marvel, one of the best new comic books I’ve picked up in a forever (along with Fraction/Aja’s Hawkeye). I’ve totally gone over to the Carol Corps, which as a life-long Wonder Woman fan is pretty earth shattering for me. Yes, the comic is that. damn. good.

I could also talk about a recent re-watch of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, wherein I realized that Brad Pitt actually played the role that traditionally would have been given to the woman of the couple. More later on that, it’s interesting.

Of course I’ve also got some fanfic updates, if you dish that kind of thing. I’ll get to that too.

So mostly this is a “coming soon!” post while I try to get at least a half-hour of writing in before I totally collapse in bed with a borrowed copy of “Fighter Planes of WWII.”

Catch ya’ soon!


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