If you’ve hung out here at all, you know that 2012 was not particularly stellar for me. Not horrible, just not good either. The worst part was having to put my writing career on hold due to illnesses and grad school.

But 2012 is a memory now and I’m feeling pretty charged up about 2013! I’ve got PLANS, baby! 😀

I’ve got two books and several novellas to finish and new work begging to be written. I’m starting a small business to hopefully bring in some extra income, and I’m returning to body-building as a life-style.

As you can imagine, HEALTH is a huge goal for me. Eating right, meditating, and exercise are nonnegotiables this year!

My other non-negotiable is to crack this writing nut and work up to doing it full-time. I love telling these stories, and I know a few people at least like to read them, so time to make it happen!

So what’s your non-negotiable?

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