I’m a few months away from the release of this novella, but I’m really excited that I have the first draft of the first book in the series completed, so I MUST SHARE!

This is my initial offering in my new M/F/M line of stories, which I hope someone, somewhere, wants to read! *hopeful*

Ursula Price (Sula) is a wanderer, a lost child whose only parent died violently when Sula was fifteen. Her mother never taught Sula much about being a werebear other than how to stay alive and fly under the radar, and all she left behind was a magical bracelet that may be black magic and has a very co-dependant relationship with Sula.

As far as she knows, Sula is the only werebear left alive.

But there are a lot of other shifters in the world. The primary ones that everyone knows about are werewolves, who live in packs and stake out territories that Sula drifts in and out of. During her travels, Sula befriends a rogue female werewolf, the beautiful and mysterious Lisbeth, and they travel together as sisters. The mutual protection they offer each other builds into a close friendship that is challenged in a small town in Colorado where Lisbeth hooks up with a werewolf alpha looking to claim his own territory.

With this strange alpha is a set of werewolves, two men who are deeply involved with each other and very much in love. Sula is attracted to these shifters, and as Lisbeth starts planning to finally settle down and start a family, Sula has to figure out what’s more important to her: staying on the run for the sake of her own safety and that of the magical bracelet she is the custodian of, or learning to accept love from the most unlikely of werewolf packs.

This is going to be a series of novellas, three planned out so far. The first one I hope to have published by mid-August, maybe. I’ll definitely keep you posted! I’m excited because this is a story near and dear to my heart that I’ve been toying with for several years. It feels great to finally get to the point where I can share it.

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