How many of you are on tumblr?

I’ve had a tumblr now for well over a year. I find that to me, the most comfortable social networking environments are twitter, this blog, and tumblr. (I’m also on G+  and facebook but I don’t post too often there.)


It’s not perfect and I get why a lot of people find it confusing, because I thought it was pointless when I first signed up. Keep in mind that it took me over a year to figure out how to use twitter.

Yes, really.

But I did figure it out eventually. I think of tumblr as a bulletin board where I post pictures/short notes I think are interesting, and sometimes get feedback on.

My tumblr is not particularly safe for work; it’s mostly a combination of fandom stuff (Avengers, SPN, Sherlock) and, well, sexy pics. Yay! All the naughty posts are tagged with “#NSFW” and not sent to twitter, but it’s still dicey. Please be smart and don’t get yourself fired on my account, that would be a real downer for both of us.

I invite you to follow me! Let me know who you are so I can follow back! I’ve found the best way to make tumblr great is by sharing/reblogging with other people.

Here’s the link:

tumblr of Cooper West




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