I post A LOT on tumblr, mostly reblogging tbh but a few of my own things, so I’m going to start a new weekly series here on the “official” blog recapping a few of the more interesting posts that I made or that came my way from others.

  1. Biggest news is that I actually started a new blog called It Is Not A Phase, by and for “older fans”, or as I say on the ‘about’ page: This is the fandom/tumblr home for fans of a “certain age”, that is, adult fans who are often asked “aren’t you a bit old for that?” It’s a fun little side project that’s already gotten a lot of traction. It’s not a busy blog, but it exists, so please check it out!
  2. A lot of authors are making enough by writing to leave their day jobs, which is a personal goal of mine. I talk about it on this post linking to the Passive Voice’s post where hundreds of authors discuss their successful writing careers: Indie Authors Quitting Their Day Jobs
  3. I used to work at a LGBQ newspaper in Central Florida called Watermark. Now I advertise there: My Watermark Legacy
  4. Tales of mermen, one of the many reasons I love tumblr.
  5. Did you miss the Star Wars vs. Marvel twitter snarkfest? Check it out! You’re welcome.
  6. If you think you’re going to escape my less-than-mild Clint/Coulson (Avengers) obsession, you are so, so wrong. What happens when Phil gets tipsy!

So hey, that’s it for this week. 🙂


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