This was a banner week for me on tumblr – I hit 300+ followers, which is a new thing for  me. Might seem paltry to some but I’m really honored that this many people feel like participating in my madness!

To be fair, I got a lot of these followers due to what is my most popular post ever, which has hit over 5k notes and is still going. So who knows how many of these folk will stick around, but still, it’s flattering!

  • First is that popular post, which is a little meta on punk!Steve Rogers and nerd-jock!Bucky Barnes. It seems to have really hit a nerve with a lot of Stucky fans — now if just one of them would write the damn fic already! 😉
  • Second on the awesome scale if I do say so myself is the new blog I’m moderating, It is Not a Phase. It’s a blog about and for “fans of a certain age”, those of us who practiced fandom back in the dark days before the Internet and the Web. We’re here, we’ve BEEN here, and we’re proud! I’ve gotten great feedback on it, and while I’m not posting a lot it’s steadily rolling along. Please check it out!
  • A less happy reblog I had to do was a PSA/warning post about 4chan misandryists posting IRL gore/violence pictures to tumblr tags in order to upset women. Check it out if you search by tag regularly. I have a lot to say about this issue, but I should probably wait until it would not consist of repeating “those fuckers” in large, bolded font.
  • Tournee du Dragon Noir, a great piece of HTTYD2 fanart that has sold out and I cannot now buy it and that makes me very depressed. But it is AWESOME fanart!
  • Reportedly the very first K/S fanfic ever printed! This is from before my time, even: 1974. It’s…pretty hilarious, for being as important a document as it is.
  • Here is a great meta on Wonder Woman as a strong feminist who supports the universal “sisterhood” by fandomsandfeminism, which I have to reblog because I’m just so pissed about the situation with the Wonder Woman book, ugh, don’t even get me started.

For more, visit my archive page! BEWARE that I sometimes reblog NSFW images — not a lot, and I tag them as NSFW so you can blacklist them if you want, but they will show up on the archive page. Of course if you are looking for half-naked men in panties, then you’re in luck…


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