Back in the fall of 2011, I started work on an idea about a were-dog shifter who loses his bondmate in a tragic shooting, but then a few years later finds himself unexpectedly bonding, and falling in love, with a man he barely knows. Then whooping cough and grad school got in the way and I put my writing career on hold for all of 2012. My last release was Games in late 2011, which means it has been two whole fucking years since I submitted a book to my publisher.


But! Thankfully earlier this year I geared up my writing and my resolve, finished the story I had shelved back in 2011, and submitted The Protector to Dreamspinner at the beginning of July in hopes that they would like it.

They did, and I just signed a contract with them for the book! I’m so releived, I can’t even express. I mean, I have Homecoming, my M/F/M category romance that I’m self-publishing, on the horizon so there is motion in the ocean, so to speak. Still, getting something accepted by Dreamspinner was really the sign post I needed to show that yes, I’m back in the game!

I wrote about The Protector for the Next Big Thing bloghop, so check out that post if you’re curious about the story. The tentative release date is February, 2014 (so far awayyyyy! But better late than never!). I’ll be posting updates as editing/cover art progresses, so if that changes, you’ll know. <3

In the meantime, I’m going to celebrate this success, and when that’s done I’ll get back down to work and keep writing. 😀

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