Two new releases coming up soon! I’m totally unprepared!

My last book, Mixed Signals, was released in July. Since then I’ve had to finish one term of grad school and start another, in addition to acclimating to a new job that requires more than a bit of brainpower. Ow. *whines*

Higher Learning-coverBut! New releases on the horizon and that makes me happy!

First up on October 17th is my story “Accismus” in the Dreamspinner anthology Higher Learning. Look at the cover! Isn’t it adorable? And so is my story, if I do say so myself. I don’t write college-age leads too often, so it was fun to put some of my “insider knowledge” to use. Heh.

Second on the plate is one that is near and dear to my heart, the contemporaryDawn in the Orchard Cover romance Dawn in the Orchard, being released on October 28th. I’ll be talking more about this one, but suffice to say, I really love the characters and the story. I’m a huge bluegrass fan so it was nice to explore that a little with my leads, who are both musicians. This is full novel, 200 pages, and changed a lot over time but I think has turned into a really nice story. I hope, anyway. Not that I’m biased or anything… *cough*

Thanks everyone for supporting me!


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