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KEEP IN MIND: Sunday Six pullouts are by their nature spoilery. So if you don’t want to know, don’t read!

It has, shockingly, been a whole damn year since I pulled six sentences from Parker for you all to read. Wow. Well, April is the month I’m wrapping this baby up, so enjoy them while you can!

From Chapter 34, which is about 2/3 into the story:

Parker shrugged right before one of the puppies barreled into his midsection, causing them both to go sprawling on the ground. Greg tried not to laugh but failed, and Parker shot him the finger, which the puppy then bit. Greg had to turn his back on them before he laughed too hard to walk.
He did, in fact, plan to call Hannah, although not about work.
“How’s Misery?”
“Missouri is beautiful, Hannah, thanks for asking.” Greg sighed.

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