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KEEP IN MIND: Sunday Six pullouts are by their nature spoilery. So if you don’t want to know, don’t read!

More from Parker! I’m on the downhill run with this story; it’s already at 95k words, and will probably tip over 100k when finished. So, you’ll be getting a couple more “Sunday Six” pullouts but then it’s going into editing and submission phase. Wheeeee!

“They put you in the boarding school?” Greg shook his head. “Really?”

Parker chuckled. “No, they didn’t. I was only taking one class, on Guardsman history. Apparently there is a lot more to it than what gets talked about outside.” He waved his hand at the window to indicate the rest of the world. “So I’m there at the back of the class like a dunce, with all these fourteen year olds lapping me on the pop quizzes.”

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