This morning I slept in (oh gloriousness!) which I really needed. Then I got up and strengthened myself.

Life is a constant work-in-progress, something that isn’t news to any of us I suppose. But I spent so many years coasting, getting by, not realizing that I was unconsciously creating a life I did not actually want to live. The day I woke up to that was the day I called to set an appointment with a therapist.

I’ve come a long ways since then and there has been much backsliding, because OMG sitting around reading fanfic all day is just fucking easier, okay? 😀  These days, though, I try to get up and get strong.

Part of that is weight lifting. I enjoy it, much more than I do something like jogging/running, and I can do it indoors which is a bonus here in stultifying hot-and-humid Florida (ugh! This place is only fun if you are at a beach resort, near a pool, or visiting Disney). So quite literally, I’m working on getting stronger physically.

But I’m also trying to get strong in other ways: writing, friendships, helping others, eating clean…the list is pretty much everything else in my life.

Strength has to come from the bottom up. If your health, your skills, your motives, are not strong then nothing you do will withstand the stresses of daily living. The life I created for myself by coasting along on my reserves was a disappointing, gray, meaningless thing.

Dreams can be goals if we put in the work, if we get stronger every day and reinforce the foundations of our character.

Sometimes I get tired, but then I sleep a strong sleep and start over again the next day.

Being strong isn’t the end result, it’s the process.

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