Welp. That’s that, then. Tumblr has decided censorship and unilateral enforced prudery is the best way to alienate serve its customers. That is, they’ve instituted new rules that make “adult” rated tumblrs unsearchable.

HelloTailor has more about it here.

Since tumblr is both my entertainment AND one of my marketing tools, it just made itself obsolete to me, professionally speaking. And it’s all obviously my fault, since I just posted a few days ago about how much l love tumblr. *sighhh*

So I’m planning to move over to Pinterest. Honestly I’ve been thinking about starting up a Pinterest account anyway, but thought it would be too much on top of tumblr. But if I’m going to have wipe out my tumblr and start over in order to not be labeled as an “adult” site (and therefore be searchable), I might as well just start over somewhere else that might serve me better.

I have a fandom tumblr I’ll be keeping, and a long-standing day!job/professional one as well. But for my career as a romance author, I think Pinterest is the way to go. I’m now cwestwriter on pinterest, although it’s empty right now. I’ll be working on that.

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