For those who might be curious, as I mentioned a few weeks ago about removing sugar from my diet:


Words really cannot express how fantastic I feel. I have almost boundless energy, I’m sleeping less, and my mental acuity has skyrocketed.

So what’s going on?

Specifically I went on a ketogenic, high-fat/low carb (HFLC) diet starting July 2nd. I’ve done a LOT of research on this kind of dietary protocol and its overall impact on health because¬†I wanted some way to break my sugar addiction, increase my natural energy levels, and lose weight. Low-fat/high-carb and calorie-restricted diets have been catastrophic for me over the years, and I just knew that trying the same thing over again would be pointless if not dangerous. So, I decided to try “going keto” for 30 days.

I honestly was not expected the results I’ve had, though.

To be fair, it was about 20+ days of feeling lethargic and stupid. The “carb withdrawal” for me was epic, and it took nearly three weeks to get over that hump. I hated it. Most people seem to do it in a week or less, but not me, nope. It was not absolute misery but it was not fun either. Just staying awake was a triumph. :/

However once I got out of that adjustment period, everything changed. I’m more alert. I have so much energy I just want to bounce around the house. I can barely keep still. What the hell, where has all this energy been all my life???!?

I’m writing this up as a successful experiment, and I’m staying on this protocol forever. For life! I can’t even imagine going back to feeling as lousy as I did before this. No way, no how!

I think this is a “WIN”!

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