Miss me? I have. It’s been four weeks now since I was first laid low by whooping cough (NtS: never again!) and I’ve pretty much been an invalid for this whole time. That’s not actually an understatement, as it should be in most other circumstances: I’ve been on bed rest, missed work, missed deadlines, begged for class extension from a professor, and until this past week been unable to sleep through the night due to coughing. This? Has been fucking AWFUL.

But there is GOOD NEWS! The GoodReads M/M Romance Group has nominated Dawn in the Orchard for their 2011 Member’s Choice Awards under the Musician/Entertainment category! Given my utter lack of participation in life, I would not even know this is if a fan of my works, Marge, had not let me know. Thank you, Marge!

You have to be a member of the group to see the list of nominees or vote, btw. But suffice to say, this is a happy surprise to find after logging back online after weeks of being sick. Thank you everyone!


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