So I’m off to see the Avengers in a few minutes. I’m more of  DC girl (Wonder Woman!!!!) than  Marvel one, so I’ve been kind of meh about the movie franchise. I enjoyed Iron Man I & II, but then, Robert Downey Jr. could read a car manual and I’d watch, breathlessly and probably drooling.

But apparently the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD OF EVERYONE has seen the movie, and most of them are harassing me about seeing it, so off I go. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, but what I’ve really enjoyed is the sheer joy fans have been expressing about it. I have not seen this kind of reaction to a movie since Lord of Rings premeired, honestly, and it is so exciting to be a part of.

And what else am I excited to be a part of? Well our dear President Obama stepping forward to give his personal support to the legalization of marriage equity!

Our first black president openly supporting gay rights? That’s history being made right there, people. History with a capital ‘H’, right in front of our eyes. I’m so impressed and sentimental that I might cry.

Good time to go see an action adventure movie based on comic book characters, I’d say.



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