My “newsletter” as such hasn’t existed, but I’m kicking it off this weekend as a weekly sendout. Which could be really boring if it were just rehashing things I did here and on tumblr, but NO! It will actually be a little “members only” style thang — it will talk about WIPs (original and fanfic), as well as feature a “Sunday Six” style sneak-peak at what I’m currently working on. So, sign up and you’ll get stuff no one else will get, because I won’t be sharing newsletter content anywhere else!


(I don’t share email addresses, and you’ll only get about one email a week. The email/rss stuff is handled by Feedblitz, so if you get something screwy from me let me know so I can submit a ticket to them. FYI they are a smaller service but they’ve treated me really well and are pretty inexpensive.)

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