The world of Cooper West is always busy, but the last three weeks have really been crazy what with starting a new part time job and surviving finals week (which was more like “finals two and a half weeks”).

There has been good news along the way, though!

First, I received a wonderful review for my short story Conntections from Brief Encounters short story review site. I’m thrilled that Jenre liked the story, as it represents my first published story in years.

Second, this Wednesday my second short story with Dreamspinner Press debuts: Room for One:

Toby doesn’t figure a musician will make a good housemate, but his new tenant David keeps his guitar practice quiet. Soon Toby finds himself enjoying the handsome man’s company, but when he finds out David is gay and interested in him, Toby isn’t sure he wants to mess up the housing arrangement with sex. It’s been a long time since Toby’s gotten physical with anyone, and he’s not sure he has room for a relationship in his life.

I hope you give it a try! After that, I expect my M/F contemporary erotic short story Behind Wooden Doors to be published soon by Decadent Publishing, although I don’t have a date for it yet. After that, it is my M/M contemporary Mixed Signals in July from Dreamspinner. I’ll keep you posted about actual release dates as soon as I get them!

I’m happy to report that a novella I truly adore, which I called “the skateboarder romance” for a long time and has a working title of Games, has been accepted by Dreamspinner Press for publication in November. I love the characters of Art and Jack, who have a bit of tumultuous time with their romance, and hope you do too.

Meanwhile I’m finishing up edits on my novel Dawn in the Orchard, a M/M contemporary romance set in North Carolina and soaked with bluegrass music, romance and drama. I hope to have that submitted by the end of the week, once I figure out where the chapter breaks should be. *face!palm*

My M/M/F supernatural werebear romance novel Ursula is creeping along at about the halfway point, mostly because I feel it needs some major revisions. Woe is me! But I love it, so I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Eventually.

What I’m really excited about is starting a new M/M supernatural novel staring a weredog. It features a bond-mate scenario and a concept that I think will be really popular. I hope! It does require a bit of research, though, and I still need an antagonist, so it is very much in the early draft/planning stages.

Along with all of that, I’ve got a couple of short stories I’m working on for anthologies later in the year. As you can see, I’m busy. Please stay tuned for future announcements!




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