Dreamspinner has contracted for my novel Damaged Goods! It will be coming out in May 2014, which seems like a long time from now but oh, will be here quickly I’m sure.

This means 2014 is shaping up into a good year for me. I’ve got The Protector coming out in February, followed by Damaged Goods. I’m halfway through the novelization of my short story “Rough Trade” which I expect to have turned in by the end of this year.

Damaged Goods is about the romance of two men who have been “damaged” by their previous romantic experiences: Jesse Ford, a middle-class professor who tends to fall for “users”; and Templeton Dierking, a high-school drop-out escaping his abusive boyfriend. They both have trust issues, and there are plenty of outside forces working to keep them apart. It’s an important story to me both for the theme of recovery from an abusive relationship, and in how characters learn to be adults together.

I’m never one to write the “true love heals all wounds” because I am a firm believer in personal accountability. I want my characters to find themselves, to confront their own vulnerability and fears before they completely share their lives with the one they love. It’s important that they have help though, and Jesse and Templeton learn a lot from each other along the way.

Also on deck is my “A/B/O experiment” novella that I am self-publishing. After I wrote a thinky post about the A/B/O trope, I decided to try my hand at it. The result is a novella about a reluctant academic omega and the handsome alpha he finds himself unexpectedly bonded too – an alpha who is also one of his students. Angst! Fraternization rules! Mating heat! Knotting! …well, if you’re not familiar with the trope, I’m sure that sounds really weird. LOL!

That will be coming out in late October, and will be available through Amazon first and then B&N and Kobo and AllRomance.

(Homecoming, my M/F/M paranormal “shifter” romance, is coming out in November, if you were wondering. It’s the first of a series and I’m working on fine-turning it. It will also be self-published.)


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