This is basically a “to-do” list for setting up a hosted WordPress site (not a blog) and all the steps I took to do so. I’ve been told it’s a bit overwhelming, but try not to look at the whole thing, instead skim over it and see what might apply to you.

It’s a “.docx” file if you want to download it:
Online branding White Paper download

OR you can view it as a GoogleDoc:
Online Branding White Paper on GoogleDocs

Keep in mind nothing I list is mandatory. A lot of authors are happily set up on or, and I even know a few who use and/or for their pro blogs (in fact, I mirror this blog at my dw account). There is no “one right way” to do marketing, it’s all about how you want to manage your brand; this is simply how I did it!

Hope it helps. 🙂


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