Soooo much to do! I got a three-day weekend and pretty much blew it, though, by sleeping absurdly late and not doing laundry (uhhhh…kinda important) and reading too much fanfic. I think maybe I slept more than the cat.

Today I’m trying to make up for it. I’m working on some graphics for a friend, catching up on wayyyy late blog posts both here and elsewhere, and contemplating writing.


The thing is, I’m feeling down. I won’t bore you with the details, but trust me, the word here is down. It’s come down from the stress of grad school while wondering when/where a better job will turn up, it’s being down on the jobs I do have which are acceptable but pay poorly.

Mostly, I’m down from not being where I want to be in life yet. This strikes me as counterproductive, yes?

Part of it is health. You’ll start reading more about that here as I work to get my eating habits and exercise routine back under control. The food plan that works best for me is fairly strict paleo/primal lifestyle, which means cutting out grains, legumes, refined sugar and most dairy.

Yeah, oh yeah. Nothing ever comes easy.

So trying to be productive today while eating right and getting up regularly to move my body. This is so much fun! Well kinda, it is, because it is NOT being at the dayjobs of doom or, alternatively, being sick (as far too much of 2012 has been spent).

Now to just back on track with writing every day!

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