So the wild rumor is that Marvel may be asking Joseph Gordon Levitt to play Dr. Strange.

I realize this is the most unconfirmed of unconfirmed rumors, but boy howdy, do I hope it’s true!

And for purely selfish reasons.

See, I am actually the last person to groove on younger men. It’s one reason I don’t enjoy stories featuring high school or college students, and why most of my stories feature men who are closer to 30 then 20. All power to those people who like the young, nubile flesh but that’s not my what stokes my fires.

Unless we’re talking about JGL, who caught my attention when he was all of what, 13? I mean, I was not perving on him at that time, but I thought his character in 3rd Rock from the Sun, Tommy Solomon, was just adorable. He was cute and snarky and smart. I’m pretty sure if I had been ten years younger myself, I’d have had his poster on my walls.

Then the damn boy grew up into a hot as hell young man. JGL is actually about 12 years younger than me, so it could be worse? *sigh* And he was so fine in Inception. *heaving bosom*

So to have him all growed up into a Marvel character I like? WHY THANK YOU YES PLEASE!

Here’s to hoping.


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