Ahahahah, I love science!pencil-ruler-MED

For instance, someone got funding and staff to do a survey that discovered the average length of the erect male penis. The article at Salon starts it off out of the gate: “Let’s just get this out of the way up front: 14.15 cm (or 5.57 inches). That’s the mean length of an erect penis, according to a new study.”

All righty then!

Especially in the romance genre, or maybe surprisingly, size seems important. Our heroes are never “average”, are they? They are well hung, of solid girth, or downright huge. Their members swing heavy and large, bigger and better than their partner has ever had before. Size is an issue, in both het and gay romance, and I kind of wonder why.

Honestly as a woman the appeal makes no sense to me, as space is kind of limited with my equipment, so to speak. Too big and honey, you ain’t gettin’ in. 😛

Not to say size queens are in any way wrong in their preferences, though. Every fetish has its place!

I just find it interesting that our social mores tend to put such, uh, large import on the matter. It’s been tentatively proven that for women size does matter, to a point. Different anthropological hypotheses abound, of course, from the idea that penile size indicates fertility to women to the one where size suggests dominance to other males.

But the fact is, the mean size is less than six inches long. Yet, men worry about this a lot. I mean, I think the men I’ve known intimately in my life have worried about this at least as much as I worry about being fat. They ask, they compare (blatantly or secretly), they watch porn and despair. Much in the same way I ask if I look fat in a certain pair of pants, and judge myself in comparison to my skinnier friends, and watch most modern media featuring very thin women and start to hate myself.

But the fact is, I am fat. And some guys are smaller than average, and some guys bigger. We’re all in the same boat named Insecurity sailing down the river Anxiety on our way to the Uncertain Ocean. I could make a joke saying “it’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean” but I suspect you did that before I could. 😉


Photo via stock.xchng, used with permission

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