Like a lot of people, I discovered Joel Runyon and his Blog of Impossible Things via his post about his amazing encounter with Russell Kirsh.

I genuinely like self-improvement blog sites, because they are simple, convenient¬†motivation. We all need motivation. You don’t get from here to there without motivation, but it is a very slippery thing that swamps you one day and disappears the next. Blogs like Joel’s may or may not be life changing, but they can help me change my life, and that’s valuable. On the whole, though, many of them are interchangeable.

What struck me about Joel’s though, is the idea of Doing Impossible Things. Because that’s where I’m at.

It’s easy to say something is impossible, and then not try to do it, therefore proving it was never going to happen. Yeah, we’re human, that’s how we think.

For me, doing impossible things is what I’ve always wanted to do: write ALL the books; go to ALL the places; meet ALL the people; experience ALL THE THINGS.

Okay, put like that, it really is all impossible. But for me, it’s not wrong, because all my life I’ve always juggled three or four careers at a time. Yes, careers.

I’m always told I do too much, I have too high expectations, and I’m being unrealistic. Doing all of the things I want to do is impossible. That’s what I’ve been told.

But I don’t believe it anymore. I believed it for years and that led me to making decisions based on fear and loneliness. I thought I had to play by the rules to get ahead, but what it usually got me was stuck up shit creek without a paddle (as Poppa used to say). I played by the rules while always longing to jump the fence and run with all the force in my heart.

That’s what I’m doing now. I’m pulling up stakes on “normal” and going for “impossible.”¬†

I’m writing every day. I’ve branching out into multiple genres/categories, because I can. I’ve gotten back on the paleo diet wagon after nearly a year of unhealthy, stress-fuel eating. I may start acting. I’m looking for a job in the field I just got a master’s degree in. I’m doing blogs and writing manifestos. I don’t care how impossible it is to have four careers, or how deeply ingrained my poor body image is.

I know, this is the blog of a category romance writer and maybe you aren’t very interested in me as a person. But this isn’t about writing, it’s about living — that’s what my stories are about, and that’s what life is about.



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