I love to travel, although I do it rarely enough that it makes me a nervous wreck. A huge personal goal of mine as a writer is to make enough money to be able to travel the world…maybe not all at once, mind, but in pieces over time.

Meanwhile, I have a conference to go to in New Orleans! It’s for work, and I’m presenting, but as things fall I’m getting at least one full day to myself. Can’t wait to visit the National WWII Museum, I know I will be reduced to tears but I don’t care.

The funny thing is that I really don’t have too much invested in this, career-wise. I should, heaven knows; but this is more something I must do, not what I want to do. That’s okay for now, I’m still pulling my writing career together by the seams. I look forward to that time when I can visit New Orleans simply for the pleasure of it (because wow, who doesn’t love New Orleans? If you don’t, I just don’t know what to say to you; you aren’t human, maybe).

But hey, until that day, I’ve got time to spend at the hotel pool and I’ve got business cards to hand out on the off chance someone wants to hire me (“Project Manager for Sale! Cheap!”) and heck, maybe I’ll even spend some time editing a couple of stories I need to finish writing.

I know! Crazy talk! Cheer me on, people, because I need the moral support. \o/

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