Today was spent wandering around looking for excuses to go outdoors, because it was gorgeous. High in the mid-70F range, low humidity, bright sun…these are the days when Florida is tolerable!

But I still had to work, and then do some research at the library, and then meet up with a study group in preparation for my final, final exam on Thursday. Woe!

This means, of course, that I didn’t get any writing done on my stories. Nothing new there, I haven’t been writing for several months. I purposefully put it aside in order to concentrate on school; and, unfortunately, on getting well. I was hit with several illnesses/injuries starting in mid-December and I am just now beginning to feel well again. I can’t explain what a relief that is! Yay health!

So I’m trying to take it easy and not stress myself out. Ease back into to promoting my stories (hard to do with nothing new coming out any time soon) and reminding people I exist. It’s all good though, because stepping away from this for a while has given me a new perspective on it.

Today when I was waiting for the study group to start and I was just basking in the sun breathing the fresh air, I realized: I can only write what I write. Some people won’t like it (not enough sex, too much sex, leading men over the age of 30, strong female characters, etc.) but others will. I can only write to genre within the framework of writing about characters I care for and whose stories I want to share. So that’s me, and that’s what you get.

I know my readers are out there. The M/M category is growing by leaps and bounds and not everyone wants the same kind of stories. What was popular last year might not be so next year, ¬†and vice versa. I can’t court trends or write stories that bore me. I’m staying true to my “voice” as a writer and as a person, which means plotty, character-driven M/M romances, as well as M/F/M romances too eventually. I figure, what makes me happy will make my readers happy too!

So I may not have written anything today other than this blog post, but that’s okay. I’m laying the groundwork for great things to come!


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