Recently, author and friend Jamie Fessenden talked in a writers’ group we belong to about hitting some major writing goals he set for himself — not just “word count yay!” stuff, but career building goals. I was really impressed and happy for him, and then realized that I don’t have anything of the kind on my “to-do” list.

So I thought, hey, I need to do some goal setting.


One thing I hate is setting a goal and not hitting it, which happens a lot because I’m a damn perfectionist who expects too much of myself and always, always overshoots. I don’t just aim high, I aim for the stratosphere from three different directions all at the same time. My mantra is “sleep is overrated!”

And that all works about as well as you’d expect it to. *sighhhh*

So, goals.

My short term goal right now is to submit my next M/M novel off to my publisher (in hopes they will buy it) around the end of July/first of August. My next goal after that is to actually self-publish my M/F/M novella during August (right now working on editing, cover, blurbs…all of that). Daily goal is writing at least 1000 words of original fic (as opposed to fanfiction or blog entries like this). I’ve GOT goals, damnit!


I’m shying away from making huge goals but that’s no way to be successful, is it? Fine, FINE!

Okay. I’m taking a deep breath here. Let’s do this! Although, beware, my goals might be considered non-traditional…


  1. Create at least one universe so inspiring and awesome that fans write tons of fanfic and lots of fanart about it!
  2. Make enough money to quit my day!job and write for a living!
  3. Become the top/most popular author of M/F/M romance stories! Ever!
  4. Have at least one M/M book hit the #1 spot on Amazon! (for that category; I mean, I’m not crazy here, I don’t expect to hit Dan Brown numbers.)

There you go! It’s official! I HAVE GOALS!!!!




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