Hey ho! My book Homecoming, a M/F/M werebear/werewolf story is free this week! FREE! I’m stoked, so please head over to Amazon and download it! Share! Spread the word!

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Ursula Price (Sula) has never known anything but instability in her life as the werebear daughter of a werebear. All she knows with certainty is that her kind is feared and loathed by both humans and other shifters, and she suspects she might be the last werebear alive. Her mother’s final gift to her before she died was a strange, magical and possibly evil charmed bracelet that keeps Sula’s bear nature tamped down and controlled.

After traveling alone for years, she joins forces with a rogue female werewolf named Lisbeth, who has ideas of her own about settling down. In the small Colorado town of Hartsville, Lisbeth hooks up with a fellow rogue werewolf, Alpha Tony Mandalari, who is traveling through with his small and slightly queer pack of two. Daniel Carter and Cal Whitman are werewolves who are instantly attracted to the power the Sula radiates, and the woman who radiates that power. Deeply in love with each other, Daniel and Cal confront the challenge of loving Sula and trying to bring her into their pack, despite her fears and resistance.

The pack slowly starts to coalesce, but when the werewolves ask Sula to legally register with them she finds herself at a crossroads: continue on her lonely but safe path as the only werebear left alive, or risk everything and settle down with her new “family”?


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