Title: Stair Well
Series: 8th Ave. Flat
Wordcount: 300
Category: M/M (two parts of a M/F/M threesome)
Genre(s): modern romance, polyamorous
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Marcus has an hour for lunch.

Stair Well

Jeremy leaned backwards on the top the stairs, bracing himself on his hands and arms. He spread his legs to each edge of the stairwell and pulled his shoulders back to expose himself completely, naked and spread out there with his ass barely perched on the ledge.

Marcus stood quietly with a studied expression on his face. He was several steps down, looking up between Jeremy’s legs, taking him in as if he were a mountain to climb. Jeremy had yet to decide if displaying himself like this was cheap and embarrassing or hot as hell (his own cock had an opinion, siding with the latter theory) but Marcus’ look of intense concentration was sexy enough to make Jeremy not really care about his own predicament.

Marcus took one step up, then another, then sank to his knees at a point where his head was level with Jeremy’s dick. Fully dressed in his work casual khakis and button down shirt, Marcus did not even try to undress himself. Instead he ran his hands over Jeremy’s quivering thighs, up over his stomach and then lightly and delicately with his soft fingers stroked Jeremy’s cock.


“You’re mine, I think. I’ll fuck you later. Right now, just hold still.”

Jeremy clawed his fingers into the carpet of the runner rug as Marcus took him into his mouth, his tongue whipping up and down sensitive skin in counterpoint to the slow, wet slide of lips. Jeremy thrust his hips up into the warm heat of Marcus’ mouth and groaned. Marcus responded with his own deep hum, sucking hard then backing off to lick over the head of Jeremy’s cock.

“I’m…I’m…” Jeremy was close already and gasping.

“No, you’re not. You’re mine and I’ve got an hour for lunch.” Marcus grinned before lowering back down.


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