Title: Slumming
Series: 8th Ave. Flat
Wordcount: 350
Category: M/M (two parts of a M/F/M threesome)
Genre(s): modern romance, polyamorous
Rating: PG
Summary: Jeremy knows he’s just not in their league.


Jeremy knew that his lovers were slumming. Marcus was a well-respected biochemical engineer who supervised 32 people in his very own lab complex for a pharmaceutical company, earning more money in a month than Jeremy earned in a year. Robyn did not make as much money, but her small antique appraisal company (she was the only employee) was profitable, and her reputation in the antique community on the East Coast was pristine.

Jeremy carefully took off his muddy boots before slinking in through the utility room. He tried not to be self-conscious about being a college dropout who mowed lawns for a living, but sopping wet and freezing cold after a bad day onsite just made him feel like the ultimate loser. With bonus mud.

“Jesus! How much yard work can you possibly do in the damn rain?” Marcus yelled as Jeremy cut through the kitchen. Marcus was wearing his “Chemists do it in an excited state” apron, whipping angrily at a bowl of…something. Something that would be very dead by the time he was done beating at it, Jeremy thought.

“My guys were in the middle of planting the boxwoods at Mrs. Allen’s place, we couldn’t just call off.” Jeremy sighed, dripping on the floor.

Marcus peered at him, making Jeremy feel even more like a bug under a microscope. He put down the bowl and walked over, grabbing Jeremy’s biceps.

“That wasn’t a criticism, moron.” He leaned forward and gave Jeremy a sloppy kiss.


“You made a successful business out of plants and grass. I can’t even imagine that.”

“Well, first you get a lawnmower…”

“You know what? Shut up. If you are feeling insecure and delicate, take me to bed and feel like a man instead.” Marcus untied the apron, threw it on the counter and walked out, heading for the stairs.

Laughing, Jeremy followed him, still wet but feeling a lot warmer.


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