Title: Mouthy
Series: 8th Ave. Flat
Wordcount: 300
Category: M/F (two parts of a M/F/M threesome)
Genre(s): modern romance, polyamorous
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Robin might have her own fixation.


Robin’s first meeting with Marcus resulted in her despising him on sight. He talked with his mouth full, and she could not get over that, even if he otherwise had decent table manners. Jeremy begged her to give his lover a second chance.

Robin’s second meeting with Marcus ending in a shouting match, because the man would just not shut up and Robin got really tired of hearing about his bad day at work. He resented her saying so. She called him a selfish egotistical prick. He flapped a hand at her dismissively while yelling “Bitch!” Jeremy walked out on both of them.

Robin’s third meeting with Marcus was quiet, because Jeremy refused to let either of them talk at all. Instead, they walked around a park and ate hotdogs and ice cream, with Jeremy yakking on about “relationship dynamics.” Robin licked her ice cream slowly and gave Marcus dirty looks whenever she caught him staring at her.

Robin’s fourth meeting with Marcus was just the two of them in the park, ostensibly to figure out how to “share” Jeremy. As if that was negotiable between them, which it wasn’t because Jeremy had his own ideas – but it was as good an excuse as they were going to get to call truce. Robin carefully did not watch Marcus as he sucked on a candy bar.

Robin’s fifth meeting with Marcus ended in the restroom of the bar.

“Good thing I’ve got one hell of an oral fixation, isn’t it?” Marcus smiled up at her from where he was on his knees.

“Oh, shut up.” Robin pulled his head back towards her pussy, shoving her hips up. Marcus licked his lips and dove back in.


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