Title: Flavors
Series: 8th Ave. Flat
Wordcount: 250
Category: M/M (two parts of a M/F/M threesome)
Genre(s): modern romance, polyamorous
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Marcus likes the outdoors, as long as they are on Jeremy.


Marcus licked a long, wet stripe up the underside of Jeremy’s cock. He would never admit how much he loved the musky, sweaty taste of Jeremy after he had spent the whole day outside in the dust and pollen and dirt, because dust and pollen and dirt were things Marcus generally abhorred and avoided. But not when they were on Jeremy, not when those odors and flavors clung to his skin.

“Fuck, Marcus, just comeonnowplease…” Jeremy bucked a little as Marcus tongued the head of his cock with light, lapping touches. He bent his head again and mouthed at the base of Jeremy’s cock, sucking the skin to pull all the tastes he could find. Jeremy groaned. “God, please, come ON, don’t leave me hanging…” Jeremy whined. He always whined, and blabbered, and sometimes yodeled. Marcus loved every sound, each of which was the mark of a job well done for him. He was the best, had been his entire life at everything he had ever tried, and this was no exception.

“You son of a bitch, stop looking smug and suck me!” Jeremy snarled, grabbing the back of Marcus’ head and pulling him down. Marcus tried not to laugh as he opened his mouth and let Jeremy’s slide into him, hard and hot on his tongue.


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