Title: Coffee Noises
Series: 8th Ave. Flat
Wordcount: 280~
Category: Het (two parts of a M/F/M threesome)
Genre(s): Established relationship, PWP
Rating: Adult/explicit

Coffee Noises

Robin measured the water into the coffee carafe, yawning and squinting at the early sunlight streaming into the kitchen. She heard the soft padding tread of Jeremy coming down the stairs and smiled. He always had an ear out for coffee-in-the-making.

He shuffled up behind her and yawned in her neck, then nibbled a bit at her ear, wrapping his arms around her waist. Robin felt the nudge of his cock against her ass through both their sweatpants as he pushed his hips forward. She smirked over her shoulder at him.

“Marcus kicked you out of bed, did he?”

“Nrgh.” Jeremy curled over her, his mouth tracking kisses down her neck to her shoulder, his large, steady hands rubbing languidly over her stomach.

“You’re useless without coffee,” Robin sighed and crabwalked over to the coffee maker to pour the water in, Jeremy clinging to her like a limpet.

“Nunh unh.” He pushed a hand down the front of her sweatpants, gently fingering her vulva with light, smoothing touches. “Mmm, still sloppy.”

“Ohmighod, and they say romance is dead!” Robin banged her hips backwards to shove him off, but he held on tighter with his unoccupied arm. As they wrestled a little, Jeremy pushed his palm up against her clit. “Oh…fuck…” Robin gasped and froze in his clutch as he dipped his fingers further into her wetness. She tipped her head up instinctively and kissed him, her tongue pushing into him in the same way his fingers started pushing into her.

“Yeah, sounds good. Start the coffee first.”

“Nrgh…” Robin grumbled and blindly hit the button. The coffee maker was already gurgling loudly by the time Jeremy pulled Robin to the floor.


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