If you’re new to this blog, you might be surprised to find out that I am very proud of being a fanfic author, and I’m also a member of the OTW. I’m comfortable with fanfic as a professional romance writer, a fanfic writer, and a reader of both; I’m not going to hash out the pro/con of fanfic here, other people are doing it better than I can, but suffice to say I’m on the “pro” side.

Therefore, I’m open about my history as a fanfic author. A lot of writers feel that doing so would discredit them as a writers, and while that may have been true as recently as five years ago, it is not true now. Those people who would judge my writing before reading it simply because I am a fanfic writer/reader are not the people I want as fans anyway!

Well, with grad school I’ve been too busy to write. Now that is wrapping up, I’ve starting working on original fiction again and, for fun, Avengers fanfic! So if you like that sort of thing, here you go. These stories are pretty short and fairly PG, although I have a Clint/Coulson WIP that’s in the midst of being posted as well. Enjoy!

Pool Therapy: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson; my infamous “pool-babe!Coulson” story!
Summary: The YMCA three blocks down the road from SHEILD’s New York offices is the most security conscious YMCA in the country.

A Simple Man with Simple Needs: pre-Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, implied relationships for everybody.
Summary: Wherein Steve asks Tony if he knows any reputable hookers.

(FYI the links go to the AO3!)


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