I’m in graduate school, did I mention? I did? Oh. Okay.

The point being, it is exhausting. It was not too bad when I was gainfully unemployed and starving on unemployment benefits, but that less-than-adequate “free ride” (which was paid for in full by all my previous employers of the last 20+ years—entitlement my ASS) did not cover the bills, so after a scant 14 months of looking, I got a job. It’s on campus at the uni, pays for crap, and takes up a lot of time and brain power.

But I’m enrolled in three graduate courses, which are not even all that challenging, but they require time I do not have to spare. Then try to factor in my romance writing gig, which I’m really trying to make a “go” of, and….SO MUCH ARGH.

I made a list of things I need to do, including finishing painting the kitchen which I started a month ago. Seriously. I need a second life, and not the virtual kind.

Send coffee. Or time. *flails about in deluge of stuff to do*


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