I’m drinking wine tonight, how are you?

I normally don’t drink wine at home, it’s a “controlled substance” for me in general, but shark week has finally started and I feel kind of crappy so CHEERS!

Another reason for the wine is to force me to chill out. I don’t do that very well, and friends are constantly chiding me to relax and enjoy life. You might maybe can tell how effective that is by the fact that relaxing with a nice glass of wine also entails updating my professional blog here. That’s how I roll.

I start the new job in a week. As it creeps up on me like a speed racer I’m thinking about life in general, what I want to do, and the cost of my ambitions. Because let me tell you, pretty, I’m very damn ambitious.

It’s not really kosher to admit that in our society. It doesn’t seem very modest (because it’s not) and I think there is a lot of superstition about “setting yourself up for a fall.” Which I could be doing, admittedly.

Yet, I’d rather have an impossibly large bucket list full of amazing things, and only accomplish 10% of it, than to keep an empty bucket for fear I’ll never fill it up.

I want to travel more, possibly in “guerilla style” where I just take a weekend and go somewhere on the map. I want to write bestsellers. I want to own the M/F/M category (well, that shouldn’t be difficult, I think there are only about 20 of us writing in it) and also win some awards for my M/M stories. I’m not scared to put those hopes out there, because they are just that: hopes. They aren’t real, and I won’t be lesser a person if they don’t happen.

Some other things I’d like to do are get back into needlecraft, draw, learn French, sing more often, and run a marathon. Who knows! That list keeps growing. It’s frustrating sometimes to have so many things I want to do and so little time to do them. It’s worth it, though, to aim high. Making yourself depressed about what you won’t accomplish without ever even trying? That’s a recipe for disaster.

What’s on your bucket list?

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