OMG I really need to break this habit of eating at my work desk.

I think this is a hangover from the pre-divorce days. I pretty much holed up in my bedroom and lived there. Husband and I still lived together through the whole thing, just with separate bedrooms, and that was my way of coping. A year later we were divorced and he moved out proper, but I stillĀ kept to one room, even with a whole apartment at my disposal. I had one room, and one room only:

My studio.

It’s like the rest of the apartment is just arms of convenience for the studio. The bedroom for sleeping, the kitchen for cooking, the bathroom for bathing, etc.; it all feeds back to the studio.

But then I got the chair. And now I’m realizing, things need to change.

Eating in front of my computer monitor is not necessarily a terrible thing, but it’s habit, a way to focus on something that isn’t my life: fix dinner, sit at the desk, scroll tumblr, stuff face.

The chair has shown me a life outside of the studio, namely, my living room. That big open space that has some bookshelves in it — that’s a nice place to curl up on the Chair and read a book! Who knew!

This evening as I sat at my desk in the studio, eating dinner, I thought: don’t I have a table in the kitchen for this? A nice table, with chairs? Why NOT sit there and eat? Like a real grown up, eating a meal slowly with myself for company in a part of my house that is not the Studio?

I’m going to try that next time. I’m a g’damn adult and I’m going to eat at my mini-dining table. Yeah, take that, maturity!

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