I’m…a procrastinator. I just talked to my friend Robert, the handsome lacrosse player (am I in Teen Wolf? No? …probably for the best, I would spend all my time trying to pet Derek Hale), and we both laughed and laughed over the fact that my electricity got cut off last month because I procrastinated, and then forgot, to pay the utility bill.

Turns out, so did he.

Hilarious!!!! You can see why we’re friends.

But this lifestyle serves me poorly when it comes to my job as an author. Books don’t get written unless you write them.

My friend and fellow author Ada Maria Soto was lecturing talking to me about this very issue when she mentioned a saying she got from her time in theater costuming: “Done is Good, Done is Beautiful.”

And that’s all there is to it, really. Done is good. Done is beautiful. I need to stop fearing my imperfection or the faults of my plot lines and simply get to the end of the story. Every problem can be fixed after that.

This might not keep my electricity on or get my taxes paid on time (I SWEAR I MEANT TO), but it will help me get my books out the door.

Done is good

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