So this awesome person learned to dance in a year. Karen is pretty fit to start with, but regardless of that, her accomplishment is amazing! Check out the time lapse video of her progress:

And then check out her website, because that’s just as inspirational.

I like that she pulls no punches on how she accomplished this, admitting that it took hard work and dedication. She worked full time and danced for an hour or two every single damn day. For a year.

As a writer, I get that, because you don’t become a good writer (much less a successful one) without writing every day. One of the reasons I will always defend fanfic is that, after a dry-spell that was over a decade long, writing fanfic got me back into the habit of writing every single day. I would not be where I am as a professionally published author without that level of commitment under my belt.

Now, though, Karen’s video is inspiring me to branch out! Honestly I’m kind of torn between the choices of dancing (tap dancing, specifically) or drawing. I enjoy both, in fact I am pretty passionate about both, and have a small iota of talent in both (so I’ve been told). Obviously, given my writing career and my full-time day!job, I can’t DO both.

Decisions, decisions…

I don’t know. I’m going to mull on it. In the meantime I’m going to rewatch Karen’s video a lot. 😉

What would you chose to learn in a year?

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