Well I think I finally nailed it. Might tweak it a little here and there before the book is released but I think this is where we’re at:

cover test1-MED

The three hearts, obviously, represent the three main characters in the romantic triangle. This is a M/F/M where the men (Cal and Daniel) are already in a committed relationship before they meet my heroine (Ursula), so I wanted something to indicate the way they are all three equally involved in the relationship. This isn’t about two men who love the same woman, this story’s pivot point is that all three of them are in love with each other.

And also obviously, there are no half-naked people on the cover. I’m really committed to keeping half-naked people off the covers of this series, not because I oppose naked people on book covers, but because to me the story is more than simply a hot threesome. I love hot threesome stories, no lie, and I’ve written them too. I’m also aware that hot people on romance covers sells better. I guess I’m just determined to scrape together this unique series on my own term, hell or high water. I hope the five people who buy the book really appreciate that. 😉

If you have feedback, please feel free to give it! I’m still open to tweaking the cover while I finish editing the story and building the ebook.

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