New cover art is in the works! Dreamspinner has given cover-art duties on my upcoming book The Protector to the award-winning cover designer Reese Dante and I’m really excited by what she’s come up with. I can’t share anything yet but it’s clear she’s got a good idea about the characters and the tone of the story, and the mock ups I’ve seen so far are fantastic.

You hear a lot of us authors talking about cover art, because for us it’s a marketing tool. The wrong art can quite literally ruin a book’s sales. It’s not such a catastrophic mistake these days with ebooks, where covers can be easily changed out, but it’s still something that we have to worry about. The feeling of having a real artist working on my cover for this book is such a relief.

Doing my own cover art for my M/F/M book Homecoming is a challenge, for all the reasons I am happy that Reese is doing the cover for The Protector. Layout, color, font, images…it is a far more complicated thing than most people realize. I’m going DIY because honestly I don’t have the money to hire a cover artist, and honestly I’m nervous about the result. But then, that pretty much how I feel about Homecoming in general. :/

Anyway, what’s upcoming? Well so far my published work has all been “contemporary” but I’m branching out into science fiction with a novelization of my M/M short story “Rough Trade“, which, no, did NOT start out as Firefly fanfic although honestly in retrospect I can see why people think that. It’s funny to me because of alllllll the fanfic I’ve written, I’ve never actually done any Firefly fanfic. Oh, the irony! But I love the characters in “Rough Trade”, and while the plot has gone a smidge more complicated than I had planned, it is going to be a rip-roaring yarn of a romance.

Along with that is my next M/F/M series, which is, uh, M/F/M? I dunno. Mainly, one of the “M” in the triad is actually kind of sort of really, really dead, and how does that work with ghosts? And the other “M” starts the story as a married guy (no infidelity involved, he’s just getting out of an unhappy situation). So yeah, I’ve been putting off re-working the story because it strikes me as a bit unwieldy on the romance end of things, even if I love the whole set up and world-building I’ve done. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m excited and nervous and hopeful about all the upcoming releases. Hold me?


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