A while back I participated in the Paul Richmond Uncovered Contest, with the complete expectation that it would be a lot of fun, and that I would not win a damn thing.

The first part of that assumption was totally true, while the second was completely false. I won! I WON! …sorry, I don’t win things often, so I get excited about it. I came in as a runner up which got me a copy of Paul’s book, Cheesecake Boys, a collection of his cheesecake-styled art.

Cheesecake Boys cover

Cheesecake Boys by Paul Richmond


This is the kind of book I would gladly spend money for if I had not already won it. It’s well produced, for one; my copy is a trade paperback, and it is printed on nice cardstock and uses very good ink. The colors of the prints are just fantastic! Nothing about this book is flimsy or cheap; like Paul’s art, it’s got body! *wink*

What I really love is the bits and pieces of background we get concerning Paul’s interest in creating “Cheesecake boys” in the classic, beloved tradition of cheesecake pinups. The short essays by Jesse Archer and Jason Driskill and Paul himself shed a lot of light onto the glorious history of dropping trou…so to speak. 😉

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of Paul’s art. However, you should know that your copy will not have the lovely inscription from the artist on the inside cover that mine does. NEENER NEENER NEENER!

(You can also visit Paul at his website: Paul Richmond Studio!)

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