When I posted about my new set of goals the other day, I went on twitter and talked about my first one on the list, which has to do with writing something so awesome that people write fanfic about it. My friend and fellow author Ada Maria Soto tweeted back at me:

AMS tween

And wow, talk about someone who gets it!

If you’ve never heard of Yuletide, it’s an annual fandom gift-giving exchange focused exclusively on small/rare fandoms. I’m not sure what the qualification is for small fandoms particularly, but I do know that the fandom for the movie Real Genius qualifies almost every year. And also The Philadelphia Story, and Some Like it Hot…older movies, indie hits, dead TV shows (Riptide, anyone?) etc. Yuletide is a way of increasing the number of fics in those various fandoms in a fun and challenging way.

So, you see what Ada was getting at: if the ‘verse you created for a book or series is eligible for Yuletide, then it’s pretty small.

My goal is to have a fandom based on my work that is too big for Yuletide. I’m not asking for an Avengers-sized fandom, because honestly movies and other visual media tend to automatically get more people involved than book fandoms (exceptions: Jane Austen, Harry Potter). If you look at the literature fandoms page on AO3, you’ll see a heck of a lot of books with only one or three stories attached.

Yeah, I’m going to need to do better than that.

Goal setting FTW!




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