My book The Protector is done and with a beta reader, and then I have to fix all the grammar/typos/stupid mistakes before sending it off to my publisher. I really want it submitted by March but I’m not too sure that will happen. Delays are driving me nuts but I have to accept that things like this take time.

In the meantime I’m developing an exciting project with a friend, a free ongoing series that will be really unique! It will include M/M and M/F/M pairings and maybe a little M/F here and there – it’s basically a soap opera of a story that we hope to start posting by April. It will be updated weekly right here at my blog. I’ll tell you more about it when we’ve hashed out the details!

Part of the reason I decided to go ahead with this project, which most fellow writers tell me is probably a losing proposition, is that I’m tired of playing “by the rules.” Those rules are archaic left-overs from the era of the Big Legacy Publishing Monopoly, and while I fully expect the Big Publishers to stay around pretty much forever, their stranglehold on publishing has ended (whether they acknowledge that or not).

Startups like Dreamspinner, specializing in “unsellable” categories like M/M romance, have become phenomenally successful. Stories that started out as fanfic were once the pariah of publishing, but now are accepted as viable (thank you, 50 Shades of Gray). The world of romance is big enough for stories that mix categories, I think. Okay maybe not, but I will never know for sure unless we try out the idea.

And I’m really tired of having great ideas, then watching other people make them happen without me. It is something that has occurred once too often, and I’m done shelving ideas just because they are untried and risky. Win or lose, at least I put my best out there!

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