Today my M/F erotica short story Behind Wooden Doors is released by Decadent Publishing! This little tale is only 17 pages long and is a mere $1.99, I hope a delightful and entertaining read for the money!

Behind Wooden Doors marks my first M/F story to be released; most of the advice writers new to the romance scene get is to specialize in a category, such as M/M or M/F or M/M/F etc. but that’s not how I’m programmed. As a pansexual, I find all permutations sexy and interesting in their own right. To me it’s less about the physical bits involved than the emotional ones, so while I don’t think M/F romance is going to be my mainstay, I’m for sure going to write it!

The next few releases are all M/M (see my Titles page for more info), and I’ve just submitted a contemporary M/M novel (wish me luck!) but right now I’m working on a paranormal M/M/F novel. That’s pretty much what my tagline means: Love Without Boundaries! I hope you enjoy it!

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