Last year I wrote a short story for the GoodReads M/M Group titled “Henri’s War.” It’s a nice short story with a lot of romance and, I feel, atmosphere, and I’ve been sitting on it waiting for time to make a cover and convert the file into a downloadable format for you all.

That time has come! Sort of. One thing that gives me endless admiration for book cover designers is the process of trying to create a book cover. Now, I have some training in graphic design and I’m a fairly talented (if fairly unskilled) artist. But even so, making a cover that is interesting and eye catching is NOT EASY!

But I’m almost there! I’ll give a sneak peak on it later this week. Hopefully I’ll have the story up before the end of the month — it will be FREE! Just a little reminder to my faithful and patient readers that I am still writing stories for you guys!

I am actually closing in on finishing the drafts for two novels and working on gearing up a couple of others. I’ve got M/M and M/F/M stories on the horizon, if you like that sort of thing.

In the meantime, I’m lost in the bowels of GIMP, working on this book cover. Yeahhhhhh!

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