(You’re welcome for the earworm. *bows*)

A few days ago I guest-posted over at my friend Sarah Madison‘s blog, where I talked about “fall changes.”

Writing is, of course, a huge “to-do” on my list, but it’s not the only one. Since my health went into the can last December (ffs, that was nearly a year go! Whut?!??!) due to illnesses and injury, my diet and fitness habits went with it. I used to eat pretty strictly paleo and work out regularly — no, this did not turn me into a fitness guru, but I had lost a lot of weight and regained a normal sleep schedule, clear skin, and a ton of energy. Not to mention my IB and acid reflux¬†problems, which were severe, simply went away.¬†I kind of miss those perks.

So this weekend, I’m going “back to the barn” with my health. I’ve started zumba classes (fun!) and now it’s time to clean up my eating habits. Yes, just in time for “sugar season” (aka the Winter Holidays) I’m swearing off sugar, grains, and dairy. Go me? *head!desk*

But sometimes we have to stop or cut out things we enjoy for the sake of things we love. I love being healthy, feeling comfortable in my skin, and not waking up exhausted and in pain. Over at The Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin posted recently about being an “abstainer vs. moderator” and I fall squarely in the “abstainer” camp. It’s SO much easier to just cut things out rather than fret constantly about whether/when/how/how much I can have something.

There it is. More fall changes. What’s on your agenda?



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